Top 5 Best Websites for Beginners to Learn Programming

Want to jump into coding stuff but don't have any guide ?

As a beginner starting with learning your first programming language you may find yourself horribly confused about the direction to explore. Here, we discuss 5 websites which gives you the best learning and practising opportunity. Note that there are other programming websites for polishing your programming skills and to compete with top coders around the world when you become a pros. But, here we concentrate on the most beginner friendly websites. The order of the websites does not reflect ranking. So, let's jump in...

1. Tutorialspoint

 Tutorialspoint hosts one of the most versatile resources for a large number of programming languages and applications. Before strarting with any coding, it is best to go to this site, learn the basics, intro etc. of the language and familiarise. Very structured tutorials, explanations beginning from the scratch will take you to the most difficult ones before you know it. It is arguably the most used website for learning programming languages. And the best part is it is FREE. So, why wait ? Start exploring your coding dreams today.

2. Codecademy

Codecademy has been around for quite some time now. The website offers you to learn a good number of important programming languages through strauctured hands on tutorials. The learning curve is not very steep which makes it very beginner friendly. But, for people who are a bit seasoned may find the tutorials sometimes repetitive or boring. Clearly, the site is targetting mainly starters. Some of the content is premium i.e. not free. But there's enough amount of content to explore for free if you are not into ppaying for learning programming for the most part. If you are afraid of starting just push yourself a little bit and login to codecademy. You don't need to worry about the rest ;-)

3. Codesignal

Codesignal is my personal favourite earlier known as Codefights. It offers both space for not only beginners to learn stuff but also veterans to compete and prepare for software jobs. The structure is a very interesting one with a lot social aspects like chats and friendships, forums etc. The tutorials are my favourite. Also it is gaming like experience as you get to improve your status among the community through various achievements. There's always some interesting coding competition is going on. So, it never gets boring even if you are done with leaning stuff. My favourite is the python tutorial. If you join Codesignal don't forget to add me (timkartar) friend !

4. Interviewbit

Interviewbit is a very new initiative specifically tailored to get you through the interview processes of Software companies starting from beginning. There tutorials are also very good. The UI is very nice. They are also starting to match companies with coders. So, if you build a good profile there, you might get a chance to be interviewed by good companies. For more seasoned  people they have large collections frequently askes prgoramming questions which you can try to solve within time limits and see how you are doing against others. According my personal experience this website is becoming a no-brainer for placement preparation among many IIT students. 

5. Geeksforgeeks

 Talking about programming websites and not mentioning Geeksforgeeks is a criminal offense. There is not a single programming problem type that is not addressed and discussed in length, with full implementation in 2 or 3 programming languages on this website. You can take my word for it ! Above that they also give spaces to practice, tutorials from very basic for beginners, forums to discuss stuff. They evenhave topic posts for things like interview experience of different companies, tips and even things liks how to crack GRE and other exams like that. One can safely call this place the online programming Bible.

So, that's the top 5 best programming websites for beginners to grow into veterans. Please, be aware that these are all my opinion. So, feel free to use the comments sections to let me know if you have any other good places in mind or just want toadd something  more to the list. Thanks for visiting, see u again !!
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