Terminal Fun #1 ! Get the Matrix Animation on Your PC !

Terminal Fun #1 !! 

Remember the codified computer screens from the matrix movie ? I can get that mysterious looking screen on my terminal window with a simple program called "cmatrix". It's simple yet fun program that you can install on your machine and feel the cool geek vibe :-p 

For those interested, there are multiple implementations available on github which you can clone and tinker with. Don't forget to checkout our guide on Getting Started with Git if you are new to it.

Here's how you can get that aniimation on your terminal. 

For linux: 

> sudo apt install cmatrix
> cmatrix

press q to exit the animation.

For Mac:

1. Install Homebrew
2. > brew install cmatrix

Detailed instruction available here:

For Windows: 

Not so easy ! Here's a 5 minute video guide to get it going. Honestly, just read this article and jump onto the linux journey.

This is first of a series of posts about fun terminal utilities. So, stay tuned. More incoming. Share your thoughts in the comments. Tell us, what would you like to see posts more on. See yea. Until the next post !!

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